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    Inspection cost vary depending on the type of building, the size, age, location, additional services etc

    Inspec-Pro Home Inspection Is Your Personal Ottawa Home Inspection Consultant

    As your personal consultant, our priority is to provide you with unsurpassed expert professional services that go well beyond the recognized industry standards. We are dedicated to providing you with a thorough and complete building inspection and detailed property inspection report. We always strive to exceed the highest standards in Residential home inspections and have earned the reputation of being a thorough and proven leader in the industry, because we do give a “DAMN” in what we do!

    Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Ottawa

    Found your dream house? Before you close the deal, get it inspected by one of our professional home inspectors to shield your family and savings against unpleasant surprises. Find the “real” cost of the home. Contact our residential home inspectors in Ottawa for peace of mind. 

    Post-Purchase Home Inspection Ottawa

    Make your new home safer for your family with our post-purchase home inspection services. We will comb through every nook and cranny of your house to uncover every big and small risk posed to your family in terms of structural, mechanical, and electrical faults. Be aware, be safe, and be informed! 

    Pre-Listing Home Inspections Ottawa

    Get your house inspected before listing it for sale. Get it in top-notch condition, attract multiple buyers, and sell it at your desired price. We will inspect your property and bring every potential deal-breaker to light. Get concrete information about the condition of your home and be in control. 

    Thermal Imaging Home Inspections Ottawa

    Our infrared cameras can see what human eyes don’t. It can detect even the tiniest of fractures and issues with plumbing, electric system, moisture, and insulation. Get proof-based reporting on the condition of the house to make informed decisions. 


    Inspec-Pro Home Inspection Ottawa

    Benefits of a Home Inspection

    • Home inspections reveal deficiencies that are invisible to the untrained eye. We dig deep to uncover flaws in a house’s components, structure, systems, and mechanical functions and deliver you an unbiased home inspection report. 
    • No house is perfect. You can expect some deficiencies in every single property you visit. However, the number and severity of these deficiencies determine whether the house will be a good investment or not. 
    • We can’t tell you whether a house is good to buy or not, but we will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 
    • Our job is not to point out the flaws in the property or impede deals. We simply make sure that everybody is on the same page when entering a deal. It helps the buyer and seller negotiate a price that is fair to both parties. 
    • An Ottawa home inspection has multiple benefits for property sellers as well. Our Ottawa house inspectors can visit your property and point out the potential deal-breakers. You can either get the defects fixed or give your buyers a discount. Either way, you can be assured that you are getting the best deal for your offer while keeping the buyer’s best interest in mind.
    • Complete knowledge of your home’s deficiencies will give you the power to negotiate on level ground with the help of your very own Ottawa home inspector. 

    Ottawa & Gatineau Home Inspection Services

    No home is built perfectly, they all come with their own quirks, personalities, and of course, deficiencies. An Ottawa home inspection can certainly help. Whether you’re a new homeowner or you’re ready to sell your home after 20+ years of living in it, a home inspection can avoid all major surprises before making a big life decision. Let Inspec-Pro Home Inspection help you make that big decision.

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    Make a Smart Investment with Our Home Inspection Specialists

    • You are already going to be paying a huge amount for your new home. Why get a home inspection and add to your expenses? Sounds fair! But consider that a lot goes on beneath the surface, literally. Faulty foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems, just to name a few can disrupt your life and keep adding to your expenses for years to come. 
    • Many home buyers are swept away by the initial impression of a prospective house. The appeal of a nice view, great neighborhood, modular kitchen, hardwood floor, and fireplace might cloud people’s ability to see deficiencies such as inefficient HVAC systems, leaking walls, electrical issues, venting problems, etc. 
    • Some deficiencies can affect the environment you live in, like clogged toilets, physical hazards, and general annoyance.
    • No price is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing the flaws of a property in advance and being in control of your expenses.
    • We educate our clients about the “real value” of the deal they are going to make. Once we hand over the inspection report to clients, they are in control and well informed to make the best decision for them. 
    • The same holds true for sellers as well. The knowledge of the issues with their property will help them maintain a sense of control. With knowledge, both parties can negotiate on better terms and make a deal that’s a win for both parties. Our inspection reports serve as a testimonial for the care and effort homeowners put in the maintenance of their property. A clean report can speak volumes about the quality of your property.

    Our Ottawa Home Inspector Are Dedicated to Your Service

    Our job is not limited to inspecting the house. We want to make you well aware of all the deficiencies of a property. That’s why we encourage you to follow us around and ask questions. We will also guide you on getting problems fixed with minimum cost and effort.

    Being supportive and responsive is our policy. Our customer support is always ready to hear from you and provide solutions to your problems.

    If you have any questions regarding our home inspection services or want to hire a residential home inspector in Ottawa