What motivated me to become a professional home inspector and start my own company?

It is a combination of my life experiences and personal reasons that lead me to start my home inspection company. Several years ago, we lost out on the first home my wife and I wanted to purchase because someone made a better offer than we did. They had a home inspection done, but their financing was refused. Fortunately for us, we were second in line and our offer was accepted.

When we found out that we would be first-time homebuyers we were ecstatic. It even worked out that we didn’t need a home inspection since the person who didn’t get approved offered to sell us her home inspection report – so we did.

Having moved into the property, we soon had our first child, which brought us much happiness. After a couple of months, we noticed that the baby crib in my son’s room had started to sag. My plan was to reinforce the base, so I lifted the crib to discover one inch of mould growth under the base. We were devastated.

We experienced a very challenging time due to health issues with our son, construction repairs and replacements, etc. During this time, we were away from our house for nearly a year. In spite of the stresses and strains of that time, my son is healthy today and does not have any effects from what he went through. This is something for which we are extremely grateful.

As a promise to myself and my family, I will never let something like that happen again. In order to ensure the safety of my family and yours, I decided to become a professional home inspector and founded my company.

My commitment to the proper process of home inspections is borne of my own experience. I have dedicated my business to be as thorough as possible to make people aware of the condition of the homes that they are buying. I am also transparent when it comes to the limitations associated with home inspections – they can’t uncover all of the issues that may be present but they are really good at identifying potential red flags. I have committed myself and my business to giving people as much information as possible to make an informed decision when it comes to the purchase of their future home.

My family and I were faced with a difficult situation that could have been avoided and I have built a business around helping others avoid a similar fate.