Gatineau & Ottawa Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

Thermal inspections non-invasively detect issues that are invisible to the naked eye or concealed by a wall, floor or roof.

Due to its utility, home inspectors use thermal imaging to provide homeowners and buyers with a simple, non-invasive, yet, highly effective way to locate issues that are otherwise extremely difficult to spot.

If you suspect that one of your rooms constantly stays damp or your insulation system has leaks, you can get the issue pinpointed with a thermal inspection and get it fixed.

Ottawa Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

What is a Thermal Inspection?

Thermal inspections make use of thermal imaging technology to detect the infrared energy (i.e., heat transfer) emitted by objects. The device captures the heat signatures of things and their surrounding areas. Thermal devices capture temperature variations and fluctuations to generate images without needing visible light. Combined with the regular inspections, thermal inspections provide a solid understanding of the visible and non-visible issues of a house.

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Types of Defects that a Thermal Inspection can Uncover

Thermal inspections can reveal substantial issues with a house that can require thousands of dollars to fix.

Thermal inspections reveal a variety of issues such as:

  • Electrical faults
  • HVAC faults
  • Plumbing leakages
  • Moisture in walls and ceiling
  • Insulation problems
  • Water infiltration in flat roof
  • Energy efficiency issues
  • Scalding hazard
  • Potential spots for mold infestation
  • And more

The inspection results contain both major and minor issues. Small issues like loose caulking around a window can be fixed immediately. Conversely, problems like overheating in an appliance can take several days and lots of money to fix.

Thermal imaging inspections significantly improve the quality of findings in pre-purchase, post-purchase, and pre-listings inspections.

Getting a thermographic inspection can potentially save thousands of dollars for home buyers. Home sellers can also benefit from a thermal imaging inspection in Ottawa and Gatineau by fixing the discovered issues or adjusting the price of the house.

After the inspection, we will submit a report within 48 hours including images or the inspection is free. It will list all the defects, their nature, their implications, and the window within which the defect should be fixed. Additional to the findings we will provide general information of the property and a description of the components, and systems in your house this information could be useful for insurance purposes.

An unbiased report from a third party can help buyers negotiate a better price for the house. Sellers can use the report as marketing material as the report vouches for the seller’s diligence in maintaining their property.

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Reasons to Get a Thermal Imaging Inspection

  • Non-Invasive

InterNACHI states that home inspections strictly need to be a non-invasive practice. Home inspectors are not allowed to take apart any component for inspection. And if it weren’t for thermal imaging, there’s really no other way to tell hidden and invisible issues with a house.

A home inspector can only inspect visible and accessible areas. Without thermal devices, it’s hard to tell if a home is energy inefficient if there are no visual indicators such as detaching sealant around windows or visible defects in the HVAC system. Only an expert HVAC technician can thoroughly examine an HVAC system and tell if there’s an issue with it.

Hiring different experts such as plumbers and electricians for separate inspections is not feasible for home buyers. The next best thing is getting the house thermally inspected.

  • Quality Assurance

Quality assurance works as proof of the home’s integrity. Home sellers can use the inspection report as a quality assurance certification for their property.

Proof of a house’s energy efficiency and no hidden deficiencies will make it more desirable in the market.

Also, it will be a wise idea for buyers to get a house inspected thoroughly before investing their hard-earned money into it.

Get Thermal Imaging Home Inspection in Ottawa

Inspec-Pro has experience with several thermography tools, and we have found the thermal imaging camera to be the best tool for the job because of its high accuracy.

Our experts have been offering thermal inspection services in Ottawa since 2014. We have helped countless clients make informed decisions about buying and selling a home. Our reports help buyers and sellers reach agreements that are in the best interest of both parties.

Our equipment meets the Canadian Government Standards (NMS 022713), and we have training from industry leaders in thermography.

We have a specific protocol-focused approach to identifying thermal anomalies during a home inspection that guarantees error-free readings.

After an inspection, we will submit a report to your email that you can access from any device. The inspection report is easy to navigate and self-explanatory. We will upload the report to cloud-based storage where it will be available for the next seven years.

Our clients love our work and our dedication to customer support. Once you work with us, you can always approach us with your inspection-related queries and concerns, or if you need guidance regarding your next steps after the inspection.

If you have any questions about our Ottawa thermal imaging inspection services or want a quote, contact us today.

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