Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Having your home inspected before you sell can have many financial advantages and streamline the process. It allows you to make any necessary repairs or maintenance so you can sell your home with confidence knowing you have done your part as an honest homeowner.

This service is the same as a pre-purchase inspection and will include a thorough visual investigation of the home's readily accessible features, major systems and their components such as structure, foundation, roof, interior, exterior, heating, and ventilation system, electrical, plumbing and more.

A summary presentation with the aid of digital images will be conducted after the conclusion of the inspection. An electronic report including digital images will be provided within 24hrs to 48hrs of inspection.

Thermal imaging 

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Maintenance inspection

A home maintenance inspection will clear up any concerns you have about the health of your house.

Just like at a pre-purchase inspection, your inspector will walk you through the home, showing you what was found and explaining what it means. You should have a chance to ask questions or get clarifications, and usually, the inspector will point out things you should be doing regularly to keep all of your home's systems functioning in tiptop shape.

Then, in a few days, you'll get a written report detailing everything the inspector found. Only in this case, instead of asking the seller to fix or pay for the things on your list, you're the one in charge of tackling the to-do list. Think of it as an itemized punch list to address whenever you choose.

 Service areas:  
Outaouais - Gatineau and the surrounding villages
 Additionally - Ottawa and surrounding areas. 

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