Post-Purchase Home Inspections Ottawa


You have bought your dream home, BUT you had to by-pass the home inspection so you could make an offer without conditions just to get it!  Although it is not a good idea, unfortunately in today’s market this is what is happening.  Well good thing for you, it is not too late.

Post Purchase Inspections you would agree are counterintuitive. You normally have the inspection performed prior to purchasing the home so you know what you are buying and can negotiate the findings with the vendor if repair or replacement of any component(s) is required.

In today’s Real Estate market, multiple offers and bidding wars have made it difficult to have a home inspection as a condition of purchase. Unfortunately, this has left many home buyers with no choice but to have the home inspected after they’ve purchased so they can know the condition the home is in and what is required to be repaired and/or replaced.

These inspections fall under the pre-purchase home inspection and are performed the same way. We have included this type of home inspection as a service to make you aware that even though the purchase offer did not allow for a home inspection, you can still benefit from a Quality Professional Home Inspection performed by Inspec-Pro Home Inspection.

Our Inspection Services Include (Please click service below)

         Thermal Imaging // Pre-Purchase // Post-Purchase // Pre-listing // Asbestos Sampling and Testing // Insurance

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Outaouais - Gatineau and the surrounding villages
 Additionally - Ottawa and surrounding areas.